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Production Capabilities

Aerosol Filling Capacity

From its origins as a relatively small-volume filler of bag-on-valve aerosols, Wear Valley Aerosols has expanded continuously over the past few years. As a result, we're currently able to process in excess of 11 million BOV cans per year.

However, unlike high-volume aerosol fillers, we operate 4 separate lines. This provides customers with flexibility and allows us to isolate different types of fill products.

Can Sizes

The two elements that dictate 'size' in aerosol filling are can diameter and volume.
Fortunately for everyone in the supply chain, most aerosol cans, regardless of end use, tend to fall into a number of standard sizes.

However, these standard sizes often vary by end-use market. For instance, you might be looking for a 50mm/200ml can for shave gel or a 65mm/600ml can for an industrial foam.
The good news is that Wear Valley can supply BOV aerosols in these, and many other, sizes.

In fact, we're constantly filling aerosols across all standard diameters and are able to fill volumes from 50ml to 600ml (1.7 fl. oz - 20.3 fl. oz US). This means that, unlike many producers, we can respond positively to most customer needs.


A key element in our ability to offer flexibility in bag-on-valve aerosol filling is our on-site technical skills and access to sector-specific formulating chemists. In addition to the obvious benefits of being able to formulate products in-house, these skills extend into the production cycle as on-site blending.

By combining our formulation expertise with investment in blending equipment, Wear Valley Aerosols has the capacity to blend more than 10 tonnes of fill product a day using 1,2 or 3 tonne vacuum blending vessels. This capability, like our aerosol filling, can be used for a wide spectrum of fills, from light sprayable mists to thick gels.

This offers very clear supply chain and purchasing benefits for customers not using 3rd party blends for their aerosol fills.


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