Wear Valley Aerosols

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Household & Automotive

WVA has become very active in both the household and automotive sectors in recent years. In fact, we've built up experience of formulating and filling an incredibly diverse range of aerosol product types.

Our household formulations centre on cleaning products, including a variety of kitchen surface cleaners, fabric cleaner aerosols. However, we've also filled room fragrance sprays and even adhesive removal sprays.

As you'd expect, we're able to provide formulations for all segments of the aerosol market from super-premium to value-proposition.

Wear Valley's experience in the automotive field covers most of the product types you'd expect, principally fabric, trim and leather cleaners, de-icers and a multitude of lubricating and oil-based aerosols. Of course, the automotive sector is a good example, particularly in workshop environments,where bag-on-valve technology provides additional levels of safety and compliance.

Household and Automotive