Wear Valley Aerosols

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Weld Spatter Control

Our anti-spatter products place Wear Valley at the forefront of weld control technologies and our flagship Pre-Weld product is used around the globe by some of the biggest fabrication shops and global industrial brands.

Because bag-on-valve technology allows us to offer safe product solutions that require no 'carrier' fluids - that means compliance, 100% active product in the can and no work-piece contamination. But that's not all. Our unique micro emulsion enables us to atomise the maximum amount of high temperature-tolerant oil, giving more effective coverage from both an operator and cost perspective.

When you add-in it's lower environmental impact, biodegradeability, it's easy to see why customers never return to using conventional anti-spatters again.

Metalworking Fluids

WVA is active in the formulation of metalworking fluids that utilise water-based and solvent-based preparations for a variety of cleaning and lubricating applications.

In markets where cost-consciousness is a key driver, we're able to offer extremely competitive lubricating oils using CO2 as an aerosol propellant.

However, for applications where product performance is a strong proposition, we would always recommend the use of the BOV aerosol system, not least because it delivers the added advantage of true 360 degree spraying.



Weld Spatter Control