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Private Label

Wear Valley Aerosols has extensive experience of working with both retailer own-brands and generic category suppliers in the UK and overseas markets.
In fact, most of our production ends up in 'big-name' distribution channels, whether retail or industrial wholesalers.

The result is that, when you talk to our senior managers, they implicitly understand the needs and constraints faced by today's professional buyers.
Central to our approach to private label production is Wear Valley's long-term development of systems that allow bag-on-valve aerosols to be produced at 'volume' costs, but with a high degree of flexibility.

This is made possible by a focus on 3 factors:

  • An internal structure that places senior management close to operational control
  • A physical production configuration of our 3 BOV lines to allow rapid changes to production planning
  • An extensive network of raw materials suppliers, coupled with in-house formulation, to shorten and control product development and make-up times.

This simple approach seems to work, as our bag-on-valve products can now be found around the globe, in such places as major US drug store chains, South American industrial fluids distributors and European grocery multiples.

If you buy aerosols and our approach to aerosol contract filling is interesting, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Private Label